Meet the Unbelievers

Meet the Unbelievers

3 Episodes

Sanderson Jones presents this three-part series looking at how the 1.17 billion people who don't have a religion find value, meaning and belonging in their lives.

Meet the Unbelievers
  • Superstition

    Episode 1

    In this first episode Sanderson Jones explores how much 'unbelievers' do believe when it comes to superstition.

  • Childhood Without Religion

    Episode 2

    For centuries religion defined a person's childhood. Schools and ceremonies would form cornerstones of an organised religious environment. It taught morals - who you were, what your purpose on the Earth and where you belonged. But what does it mean to grow up as an unbeliever? Sanderson Jones mee...

  • Death Without Religion

    Episode 3

    In this third and final episode Sanderson Jones meets three unbelievers near the end of their lives to understand how they make sense of death, without the comfort of the afterlife.