Medieval Pleasures

Medieval Pleasures

3 Episodes

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Medieval Pleasures
  • Medieval Pleasures, Part 1: Sex

    Get ready to indulge in some Medieval Pleasures. In this three-part series, historian Dr Eleanor Janega (@Going Medieval) takes us on a journey into the sumptuous world of Sex, Booze and Sport throughout the Medieval period.

    Warning: contains very strong language and sexual content.

    Part I: Sex...

  • Medieval Pleasures, Part 2: Booze

    Episode Two: Booze

    Alcohol was an essential part of medieval life. In one of London’s oldest pubs, Ye Old Mitre, Eleanor discovers the origins of the humble pub with beer expert Pete Brown, and dispels the many myths surrounding the drinking habits of the people who drank here centuries ago


  • Medieval Pleasures, Part 3: Sport

    Episode 3

    Eleanor ventures into the Royal Armouries tiltyard, where seasoned jouster Andy Deane, and his opponent Andrew Balmforth, face off in an adrenaline fuelled jousting tournament - and you're invited!

    We discover the harsh realities of this sport that's synonymous with the Middle Ages, and learn ab...