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  • 🎧 Saint George

    The 23rd of April marks St Georges day - but who are we actually celebrating? Is there any truth behind the myth of the man who slain the dragon and rescued the princess - and where does the Patron Saint of England actually come from? Spoiler alert - it's not where you think. In this episode Tris...

  • 🎧 The First CIA Mission to Afghanistan

    In September 2001, Al-Qaeda has struck and America is aghast. Eight brave CIA officers set the pace, being the first American to step foot on enemy lines in Afghanistan after 9/11. Under the codename Team Alpha, Their mission was to protect America.

    In this episode, James is joined by Toby Harn...

  • 🎧 The Falklands War: An Argentinian V...

    The Falklands War, or the Guerra de las Malvinas? For today’s guest, it was the latter. Roberto Herrscher grew up singing the songs of the Malvinas at school, and in 1982 was conscripted into the Argentinian Navy to fight against the British.

    In this episode, find out what it was like to be con...