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  • 🎧 Shetland: Edge of the Prehistoric W...

    Over 100 miles further than the northern reaches of Britain, past Orkney, are a remote group of islands that make up Shetland.

    It’s one of the best kept secrets of prehistoric Scotland, containing evidence of the lives that were lived there some 5,000 years ago with Viking archeology as well as ...

  • 🎧 Soviet "Bone Music"

    While rifling through a stall at a flea market in Leningrad- now St Petersburg- composer and music producer Stephen Coates came across something unusual. It looked like a vinyl record, but when he held it up to the light, he noticed he could see the pattern of human bones on it. It was a bootlegg...

  • 🎧 Female Nudity & Modesty

    Why is the naked body of a life model more respected than a glamour model? Why has there been a resurgence in virtue policing? And why was Kate completely naked during the interview with today’s guest?!

    Today we’re casting off our clothes and slipping Betwixt the Sheets with academic, feminist, ...