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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 Special Boat Service

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    Often up there in the upper echelons of most articles listing Rome's worst emperors, it's fair to say that history has not been kind to Caracalla. Whether it was contemporary sources depicting him as a deranged Heracles and Alexander the Great loving megalomaniac or the 18th century historian Edw...

  • 🎧 Operation Barbarossa: The Lost Diaries

    Operation Barbarossa saw a clash of arms between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union of unprecedented scale and savagery, but what was it really like to serve on the front line of the Eastern Front? The historian Rob SchΓ€fer has given History Hit exclusive access to the diaries of Lt. Friedrich San...

  • 🎧 Climate Wars

    As the planet overheats, competition for resources rise and populations migrate, even without natural disasters, it’s enough to raise the tensions between nations. Gwynne Dyer is an historian, independent journalist and the author of 2011’s β€˜Climate Wars: The Fight for Survival as the World Overh...

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