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  • 🎧 Breakfast Cereal

    Kelloggs Cornflakes are arguably the most iconic breakfast cereal, and for good reason. It was this product that launched breakfast cereal as we know and love it today.

    But as with all good invention stories, it isn’t quite as simple as a good idea at the right time.

    The invention of Cornflakes...

  • 🎧 Benjamin Franklin with Ken Burns

    Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was a scientist, inventor, writer and diplomat. As one of the leading figures of early American history, Franklin helped to draft the Declaration of Independence in 1776, worked to negotiate the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War in 1783, and was a dele...

  • 🎧 Death, Desire, Power & Scandal: The...

    The Dudleys were the most brilliant, bold and manipulative of power-hungry Tudor families. Every Tudor monarch made their name either with a Dudley at their side - or by crushing one beneath their feet. With three generations of felled family members, what was it that caused the Dudleys to keep r...