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  • 🎧 A Short History of the Bank of England

    As the UK's bond market has suffered its biggest fall in decades and the pound has reached its lowest ever price against the US dollar, Dan talks to Dr Nuno Palma, a senior lecturer and associate professor in economics at the University of Manchester about the Bank of England. Dr Palma explains i...

  • 🎧 King Cnut and the End of the Viking...

    Dr. Cat Jarman concludes her month-long series about her favourite, specialist subject - the Vikings.

    Cnut the Great became King of England in 1016, King of Denmark in 1018 and King of Norway in 1028, creating the North Sea Empire. In today’s episode Cat talks to Dr. Caitlin Ellis about Cnut, hi...

  • 🎧 War Crimes

    Warning: This episode contains content that some listeners may find upsetting

    No matter the war being fought, it's a sad fact that war crimes take place all around the world - we need only look to Russia's offensive war in Ukraine to see how civilians can be illegally targeted in an indiscrimina...