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šŸŽ§ Anne Boleyn: Dispelling The Myths

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  • šŸŽ§ The Aeroplane

    On 17 December 1903 the Wright Brothers successful completed the first manned, controlled and sustained flight in human history.

    They made it 'just' 120 feet in that first attempt. From there, aeroplane technology took off at a pace. Only 16 years later came the first non-stop transatlantic flig...

  • šŸŽ§ Falklands40: The Loss of HMS Ardent

    Please note that this episode contains frank discussions of conflict, mental health and suicide.

    Admiral Lord West is the former First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff. In 1982, West commanded the frigate HMS Ardent which was deployed to the South Atlantic for the Falklands War. During the ...

  • šŸŽ§ The White Ship: The Wrecking of Hen...

    During the night of the 25 November in 1120, a routine crossing of the English Channel went catastrophically wrong. The White Ship disaster saw approximately 300 people perish, including King Henry Iā€™s only legitimate son and heir. Charles Spencer talks to Matt Lewis about the tragedy, which caus...