Last Month's Top 10

Last Month's Top 10

Last Month's Top 10
  • The Roman Invasions: With Ray Mears

    1 season

    From 55 BC to the Claudian invasion almost a century later, join bushcraft and survival expert Ray Mears as he embarks on a journey to learn more about the Roman invasions of Britain.

  • The Causes of the Wars of the Roses

    The Wars of the Roses were one of the bloodiest periods in English history. After 30 years of conflict between the royal houses of Lancaster and York, the nobility was shattered, and the Plantagenet dynasty was ended. But what caused this long period of internecine violence? It's a story of such ...

  • Exploring the Medieval Afterlife with Eleanor Janega

    Ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night! Dr Eleanor Janega delves into the medieval phantasmic to find out what their restless dead can tell us about the worries of the living. Because if we want to understand what makes another society tick, it helps to take a look at what makes them...

  • Cromwell's Head

    The story of Oliver Cromwell’s head is perhaps the most bizarre, yet least well known, of all tales from English history.

    This documentary tells the full story of this extraordinary artefact. It’s a strange and grisly saga that runs from dark conspiracy, to detective story - touching upon kings,...

  • Inside Windsor Castle: The State Rooms

    Windsor Castle has a legendary connection to the British monarchy: the longest-serving royal palace in the whole of Europe. Ever since the days of William the Conqueror, the Castle has dominated this strategic point on the banks of the Thames, overlooking west London. Over the next 1,000 years ki...

  • Life and Death in Roman London

    1 season

    Dr Simon Elliott explores the rise and fall of Roman London.

  • The Most Daring Escapes From The Tower of London

    For more than 900 years, the Tower of London has occupied its place at the heart of English life. At various times a royal citadel, palace, menagerie, observatory, public records office, mint, arsenal and, even to this day, the home of the crown jewels of England, since 1100 it has famously serve...

  • The 1900 Island

    1 season

    Set on the wild west coast of Anglesey, in a time of hand to mouth existence - four families face the harsh realities of one of the toughest ways to make a living in 1900 Britain.
    A new living history series follows the fortunes of four modern day families as they head back over 100 years to the ...

  • Britain's Outlaws

    1 season

    Historian and presenter Dr. Sam Willis explores the world of the British Outlaw - the original anti-heroes in an age of swashbuckle, daring and style.
    Few figures in history captured the popular imagination as much as the rogues of yesteryear. The audacious highwayman, the swashbuckling pirate an...

  • Digging up the 'Dark Ages'

    Join Dan Snow as he explores this stunning set of discoveries in our brand new documentary ‘Digging Up the Dark Ages’ on History Hit TV.

    While working on the HS2 high speed railway project in the UK, archaeologists made discoveries of national significance, uncovering a large Anglo-Saxon burial...