48 Episodes

At History Indoors, we bring history… indoors! We host online talks from some of the best historical experts so you can enjoy some of the newest historical ideas from the comfort of your own home.

  • The British Civil War

    Episode 1

    Michael, PhD student at University of Essex, introduces one of Britain's most deadliest conflicts.

  • Smugglers and Settlers but Definitely Not Pirates, They Promise

    Episode 2

    Dr. Ben Fuggle introduces us to life on the Mosquito Coast in the 18th century. Talking all things Pirates and Smugglers, Ben explores how the area developed and how the British eventually left.

  • Growth of the East of England Co-op

    Episode 3

    Percy Lomax tells us about the history of the co-operative movement and of the impact it had on the East of England.

  • Familiar Yet Far Away: Experiencing Zimbabwe's Colonial Legacy

    Episode 4

    Ryan Clarke provides a brief overview of the history of Zimbabwe and then discusses his own experience of research while out there. He was very far away but yet everything felt so familiar.

  • History Through Statues: Thomas Paine and Colonial American History

    Episode 5

    Steven Bishop tells us how the first thirteen states of America formed, and how East Anglia had a role to play in their creation.

  • Witchcraft in East Anglia

    Episode 6

    Sam Woodward tells us about Witchcraft in East Anglia in the 17th century. East Anglia had the worst episode of witch trials and persecution in England between 1645-7. In this talk, we will look at the involvement of two men, Matthew Hopkins and John Stearne, who used the tumultuous years of the ...

  • Modernising the Railways: 1963-1997

    Episode 7

    In the early 1960s, British Railways had a serious image problem: cars were making the railway look increasingly old fashioned and out of date and the general public (along with many politicians) thought that railways were grubby, unfashionable, slow and expensive. The railway needed a radical im...

  • The Visual Legacy of the First World War

    Episode 8

    Louise Rodwell tells us about how the First World War was a watershed moment in British History, and talks about the huge cultural, social and political repercussions that were felt in its aftermath. This talk looks at war memorials and visual art pieces from directly after the First World War to...

  • The Essex Quaker's Wife: Mary Farmer

    Episode 9

    Julie Miller talks us through the life of Mary Farmer, a Quaker in the 18th century who did some incredible things, like being chased by Pirates!

  • Lucky Looters and the Quest for Control

    Episode 10

    The formation of the Spanish Empire in the Americas can be seen as a remarkable feat, as against seemingly impossible odds a handful of soldiers conquered empires of thousands and took control of much of modern day of Latin America for Spain. But how accurate are the stories? And after the dust s...

  • The Boer War and Its Legacy

    Episode 11

    The Second Boer (1898-1902) also known as the Anglo-Boer War or South Africa War was fought between the British Empire and the free Afrikaner states of the Transvaal Republic, and Orange Free State. In this talk, Ryan will outline the causes, chronology and outcomes of the conflict. Particular fo...

  • The Story of Dido Belle

    Episode 12

    Dido Belle was a young black woman, born to a British Naval Officer and a slave woman but brought up in an aristocratic family. She was privileged but not equal, loved but not legally free. She occupied an extraordinary position in the home of the Lord Chief Justice Mansfield as his adopted niece...

  • What Actually Were the Anglo-Dutch Wars?

    Episode 13

    Not many people have ever heard of the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the Seventeenth century – These were three wars between England and the United Provinces (you’ll know them today as the Netherlands) between 1652 and 1674, fought for money, prestige and political rivalries in England. The Anglo-Dutch war...

  • History Through Statues: The Early American Republic and the War of 1812

    Episode 14

    In the second talk of a three part series, Steven Bishop will pick up where we left off last time at the Declaration of Independence to examine the first decades of the newly formed United States. How did George Washington rise to become the first President and a national hero? How were the Bill ...

  • Athens: Birthplace of Democracy

    Episode 15

    Percy talks about Athens in the period 600 to 338 BCE. He discusses topics such as Pericles of Athens and the birth of democracy. He looks broadly at the City described as ‘The City of the Gods’. Athena, the goddess of Athens was the goddess of wisdom and war. Wisdom was particularly apposite as ...

  • Colchester: Britain's First City

    Episode 16

    Colchester has a rich and vibrant history, often claimed to be Britain’s oldest city. This talk will take you on a journey through Colchester’s history – from the Ancient world of Boudicca to the modern day, seeing how this town changed and developed through time. Michael will focus in on Colches...

  • VJ Day 75: Britain's War in the East

    Episode 17

    Saturday 15 August 2020 will mark the 75th anniversary of Japan’s surrender and the end of the Second World War. Liam will explore the history of Britain’s war with Japan from the fall of Singapore straight through to the Japanese surrender as well as the consequences of this conflict on Britain’...

  • Women Workers in the First World War

    Episode 18

    Mike O'Keeffe talks us through the role of Women Workers in the First World War. He talks about their experience and their legacy! Please do subscribe for more content and head over to our homepage where you can sign up for more live sessions!

  • History Through Statues: The American Civil War

    Episode 19

    In the final instalment of a three-part series of US history through East Anglian statues, Steven Bishop will begin where he last left off in 1815 after US success against the British in the War of 1812, and will explore the events and developments that led to the fateful American Civil War. Ulti...

  • Forgotten and Far Away: How the Eurasians of British Malaya were Marginalised

    Episode 20

    Joshua de Cruz represents a little-considered colonial community who were formed, from the 16th to 20th centuries, by the successive European incursions into Asia for treasure, trade and territory. He explains how mixed-race peoples became a separate community in British Malaya in the first half ...

  • The RAFs Forgotten Few: Bomber Command's Battle of Britain

    Episode 21

    James Jefferies talks to us about Bomber Command in the Battle of Britain. The narrative of the Battle of Britain has frequently been one of Britain under siege which is often defined by a handful of fighter pilots of the RAF, known as ‘the few’, defending the skies over Britain. However, the Ba...

  • My Family Secret: What A Genealogical Search Can Uncover

    Episode 22

    Family history beyond Chris Walklett's grandparents on his father’s side was a complete mystery to his family. Despite various attempts to uncover the truth, nobody knew for sure where they had come from although all sorts of rumours and suppositions abounded. As a history student in a pre-intern...

  • Historians Discuss: The Christmas Edition

    Episode 23

    For History Indoors’ last talk of 2020 before the winter break, Amy Saunders and Sam Woodward talk all things Christmas! In this panel discussion, Amy talks about the Victorian origins of the Christmas card and how the tradition developed, whilst Sam takes a look at advertising and the impact tha...

  • How did the English Civil War affect our buildings?

    Episode 24

    Historian Michael Sewell reflects on how the British Civil War impacted and destroyed landmarks that were cherished and used by communities. Using Colchester as his Case Study he will show the conflict shaped our town’s landscape forever and show the lasting legacy of the conflict in English hist...