History How To

History How To

6 Episodes

Gems from the HistoryHit archives. Tasked with arming a knight and not sure where to start? Look no further. Stuck in the 9th Century and need to tell the time? We got you.

History How To
  • How to Arm a 14th Century Knight

    Episode 1

    We've all got that one friend who takes an age to get ready? Chances are they've got nothing on a knight. Check out this film for a detailed look at the process of arming a medieval knight for a tourney.

  • How to Fire a Brown Bess

    Episode 2

    Learn how to fire a Brown Bess in this demonstration, courtesy of Kevin Hicks from historical interpretation company, The History Squad.The flintlock musket, nicknamed Brown Bess by the British, is arguably one of the most iconic weapons in history. The standard long gun of the British Army for m...

  • How to Fire a Matchlock Musket

    Episode 3

    Kevin Hicks, from the historical interpretation company, The History Squad, demonstrates how to fire one of these early muskets.The matchlock was the first mechanical device for firing a gun. It did away with the cumbersome process of holding a burning wick to the powder in the flash pan or touch...

  • How to Play the Hurdy Gurdy

    Episode 4

    A surprise hit on our YouTube channel! Enjoy some medieval dance tunes courtesy of the hurdy gurdy. Kick off your calfskin shoes, set aside your weaving, and leave watering the goats till later - it's time to party!

  • How to Cook Like a Roman

    Episode 5

    It's Masterchef, Roman style! Our chef reveals some surprising facts about Roman culinary tastes. Hint: not a tomato in sight!

  • How to Forge an Arrow

    Episode 6

    Fire up the forge! Paul Selby demonstrates how to forge a medieval arrowhead, known as a long bodkin.