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History Hit Live
  • The Dam Busters with Dan Snow at the Royal Albert

    Episode 1

    On the 17th May 2018, Dan Snow hosted an event at the Royal Albert Hall to commemorate the bravery of the men who undertook Operation Chastise, the Dam Busters raid, on the 75th anniversary of it happening. You can see what happened exclusively here.

  • History Hit Live: Halloween Special

    Episode 2

    Dan Snow is joined by Dr Suzannah Lipscomb & Dr Martha McGill to discuss witches and ghosts in this History Hit Live Halloween special!

  • History Hit Live: Valentine's Day Special

    Episode 3

    In this special Valentine’s Day edition of History Hit LIVE, Dan Snow is joined by special guests for an exploration of love and romance across the ages. Chris Laoutaris will discuss Shakespeare and love, while Laura Doan will explore female homosexuality in World War One and Two.

  • The Great Escape with Dan Snow

    Episode 4

    Marking the 75th anniversary of The Great Escape, relive the special commemorative event hosted by Dan Snow and featuring special contributions from veterans of Stalag Luft III and the stars of the iconic film.

  • The Black Death

    Episode 5

    In this first episode of History Hit LIVE on Timeline, Dan Snow is joined by Professor Mark Bailey, High Master of St Paul's School, London and Professor of Later Medieval History at the University of East Anglia to delve into the topic of The Black Death. We'll learn how it emerged and spread th...

  • The Aftermath of World War One

    Episode 6

    Today Dan is joined by Margaret MacMillan, professor at St. Antony's College at Oxford University and author of Peacemakers: The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and Its Attempt to End War. Together they discuss the effects WWI had on the world, and how Europe began to rebuild in the years that fol...

  • The History of Pandemics

    Episode 7

    In this special pandemic episode Dan is joined by Professor Clifford Williamson, lecturer at Bath Spa University and specialising in the History of Public Health and Medicine. Clifford talks about the widespread pandemics of the last 150 years and what we can learn from them when we look at the c...

  • Dan Snow and James Holland talk D-Day

    Episode 8

    In today's very special episode of History Hit Live, Dan is joined by fellow historian and presenter James Holland. James is here to discuss the Normandy Landings in 1944, better known as D-Day.

  • Chernobyl

    Episode 9

    In today's episode, Dan is joined by Serhii Plokhii, professor at Harvard University and author of Chernobyl: The History of a Nuclear Catastrophe. They explore what caused the disaster at the plant in 1986, and the after effects of it.

  • Victorian Surgery

    Episode 10

    Dr Lindsey Fitzharris joins Dan Snow to teach us all about the gory past of Surgery in the Victorian times, and how lucky we are to have the medical facilities we have today!

  • Dan Snow's Favourite Historical Movies

    Episode 11

    In this Easter special episode of History Hit Live on Timeline, Dan Snow takes us through some of his favourite historical movies from the most accurate, to the most technically impressive - and perhaps a couple of guilty pleasures…

  • Dan Snow and Frank McDonough Talk Adolf Hitler

    Episode 12

    In today's episode Dan Snow is joined by historian and leading expert on the Third Reich, Frank McDonough. Frank is here to discuss Adolf Hitler, his health and his dependence on various medications.

  • Dan Snow and Dan Jones Talk Crusades

    Episode 13

    Dan is joined by fellow history presenter Dan Jones to talk about the Knights Templar and the crusades.

    If you love Dan Jones, then join him at our book club. He is the History Hit Book Club's author for October/November 2022. The book club is a community of people who are passionate about histo...

  • Henry VIII

    Episode 14

    In today's episode, Dan is joined by fellow history presenter Suzannah Lipscomb to discuss the history of Henry VIII and the impact he had on Britain over the years.

  • The Mayans

    Episode 15

    In today's episode Dan is joined by David Freidel, often regarded as the real life Indiana Jones, to talk through the history of the Mayans and some of his own discoveries in that area.

  • The Battle of St Albans

    Episode 16

    The War Of The Roses was a notorious and prolonged civil war between the two dominant houses of medieval England: House York and House Lancaster. On the 565th anniversary of the Battle of St Albans, today Dan is joined by historian and author Matt Lewis to discuss how this battle, and the resulti...

  • The Fall Of The Western Roman Empire

    Episode 17

    The Roman Empire remains one of the most enduring and prolific civilisations of written history. Yet it, like all great civilisations, would eventually come to an end. Join Dan Snow as he speaks to historian Tom Holland about the many contributing factors that would bring this seismic and seeming...

  • Dunkirk

    Episode 18

    This week marks 80 years since the miracle at Dunkirk, in which a quarter of a million allied troops were evacuated from German-held France. Historian Josh Levine, historical advisor to Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk', joins Dan Snow to talk about that fateful moment in WWII.

  • Vikings

    Episode 19

    Join Dan Snow and historian & author Wayne Bartlett as we discuss how a small collection of sailors & farmers developed over time to become the feared fighting force we now know as the Vikings.

  • The Warsaw Uprising

    Episode 20

    To commemorate the 76th Anniversary of The Warsaw Uprising, Dan's joined by Canadian historian Alexandra Richie, D.Phil, to shed light on one of the most honorable and tragic events of World War II.

  • The History of The Space Race

    Episode 21

    On the 51st anniversary of the Moon Landing, join Dan Snow and historian & author Tom Ellis as we take a look at the USA and USSR's race to the stars, and how the major victories and defeats of their representative space programs would define the political discourse of their nation.

  • How To Make Friends and Influence People In Medieval Europe

    Episode 22

    From grand castles & cathedrals to glowing sonnets and well chosen marriages, Dan is joined by Dr Eleanor Janega to find out how one might get ahead in Medieval Europe.