History Explained

History Explained

7 Episodes

Big topics in history are explored in this series of explainer videos.

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History Explained
  • 10 Big Myths About the Vikings

    Episode 1

    People seem forever reimagining the seafaring Vikings from northern Europe, but 'the Viking Age' is one of the most confusing periods in European history. When did it really start and why? What does 'Viking' really mean? What kind of helmets did they actually wear?

    One of the best ways to delve ...

  • What Killed Alexander the Great?

    Episode 2

    Alexander the Great forged one of the largest empires of ancient history. But his early death, aged 32, ensured that it came crashing down within decades of his passing. In many ways, the story of this extraordinary conqueror’s early demise is more fascinating than that of his life.

    Over the yea...

  • The Wives of Henry VIII

    Episode 3

    Henry VIII is one of England’s most famous kings. Known for his love of feasting, getting married and chopping people’s heads off (in that order), Henry oversaw some of the most dramatic changes in England’s history.

    Chief of these was his break with the Catholic Church and the launch of the Eng...

  • World War Two Explained: The Key Battles and Dates

    Episode 4

    Dan Snow explains the most destructive war in history. From its origins through the dark days of 1940 through to the defeat of Germany and the dropping of the atomic bomb. World War Two changed the world.

  • The 'Golden Age' of Piracy

    Episode 5

    What do you think of when you hear the word ‘pirate?’

    You might imagine men who sail the high seas to rob and loot any ships that cross their path. After burying chests of gold in a secret location…they splash the rest of their cash in taverns on booze and women. With a groggy hangover, they r...

  • The French Revolution

    Episode 6

    In 1789 France was the powerhouse of Europe. It had the continent’s biggest population, a large overseas empire and had become the hub of the Enlightenment. But the country was to be transformed and engulfed by a fierce revolution… a 10-year struggle of profound social and political upheaval that...

  • 10 Big Myths of World War One

    Episode 7

    World War One is often seen as a pointless, bloody conflict with no lasting peace. Incompetent Generals sent their men to their deaths, using outdated tactics and never using new technology to innovate. But how much of this is true?

    Dan Snow explores 10 of the biggest myths that surround one of...