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Watch this video and more on History Hit


Medusa with Natalie Haynes: Episode One


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    History Hit goes on a remarkable journey with classicist Natalie Haynes to the beautiful Greek island of Corfu, to discover the truth behind the myth of Medusa: a woman who both beguiles and terrifies us.

    In the second and final episode, we explore Medusa’s tragic death at the hands of Perseus;...

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    Did the Ancient Greeks really invent the olympics? What did they wear? How did they party? What did Ancient Greek music sound like?

    Host of 'The Ancients' podcast, Tristan Hughes, answers the most searched Google questions about Ancient Greece.

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    In this video, we chart the rise and fall of Alexander the Great's extraordinary empire, which stretched from Macedonia in modern day Greece to the borders of the Indian subcontinent. Alexander's empire would not outlive him, but his achievements would make him one of the most famous generals in ...