Greatest Discoveries: Pompeii

Greatest Discoveries: Pompeii

2 Episodes

Tristan Hughes visits Pompeii to discover its incredible archaeology and the invaluable information it has revealed about this Roman town. Episode one explores the vibrant cosmopolitan centre that this prosperous port town was before its destruction - delving into the lives of particular Pompeiians. Episode 2 explores the ancient armageddon that Pompeii witnessed during its final days in 79 AD, when Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the town in ash and rock.

If you're inspired to visit Pompeii, then you can join Tristan and leading Archaeologist, Sophie Hay on a trip of a lifetime:

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Greatest Discoveries: Pompeii
  • Greatest Discoveries: Lost Lives of Pompeii

    Episode 1

    The story of Pompeii’s destruction is renowned across the world. In 79 AD, this prosperous Roman town was destroyed by a massive, volcanic eruption. Pompeii became frozen in time, only to be rediscovered c.1500 years later.

    Warning: contains very strong language and sexual content.

    Vesuvius’ er...

  • Greatest Discoveries: Last Days of Pompeii

    Episode 2

    Tristan Hughes explores the destruction of Pompeii, using extraordinary eyewitness testimony and the revelations of archaeology to understand what really happened here nearly 2000 years ago.

    In 79 AD, one of the greatest natural disasters in Roman history occurred in southern Italy, when Mount V...