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🎧 Medieval Pubs

🎧 Gone Medieval • 35m

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  • 🎧 African History in the Medieval Period

    Were sub-Saharan African people present in Medieval Europe? Despite their absence from many histories, they were, arriving as traders, as explorers, as warriors, or - for those only known from archaeological discoveries - for many reasons that we may never find out.

    In this episode, Matt Lewis ...

  • 🎧 Ogham: A Forgotten Medieval Alphabet

    Across the world, a wide range of writing systems developed in diverse societies and Medieval Europe was no different. Apart from the Latin alphabet, many will be familiar with the use of runes. But did you know that in Ireland and Britain, right at the start of the Medieval period, a different a...

  • 🎧 DNA and Jewish Persecution in Medie...

    When the skeletons of six adults and 11 children were found at the bottom of a Medieval well in Norwich in 2004, they were thought perhaps to be the victims of plague or famine or civil unrest. Now scientific advances in DNA analysis have made it possible to not only age the victims, but identify...

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