Frankenstein Live!

Frankenstein Live!

3 Episodes

History Hit TV were at Living Literature's Living Frankenstein event and you can exclusively watch the talks that were given on that evening if you missed them on the night.

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Frankenstein Live!
  • The Spark of Life

    Episode 1

    What is it that makes meat animate and brought Frankenstein's monster to life? Join Dr Antonio Cataldo and Dr Eoin Travers and learn how electrical impulses from the brain set the body in motion. With some shocking hands on demonstrations.

  • Vampire Slaying

    Episode 2

    Take a look at a real vampire slaying kit in this handling talk with Sam George. Dating from the time of British Vampirologist Montague Summers these kits were owned by a number of families and were popular on the stage in vampire theatricals.

  • Operating in the 19th Century

    Episode 3

    In 1822 a stage version of Frankenstein coincided with theatre of a different kind: the establishment of a female operating theatre in one of London's oldest hospitals. This unique insight into the horrors of the time survives to this day. Join the staff from the Old Operating Theatre Meseum and ...