64 Episodes

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  • Kensington Palace: Untold Lives

    Episode 1

    Dan Snow explores behind the scenes at the majestic Kensington Palace, the glittering centre of the royal court in early Georgian England. It's a very special time to visit - the Historic Royal Palaces team has been delving deep into the archives to lift the veil of the public facing court and e...

  • Unruly: A History of England's Kings and Queens with David Mitchell

    Episode 2

    Who was the worst King and Queen of England? What made a King or Queen successful?

    To coincide with the US release of his new book, 'Unruly: A History of England's King and Queens', comedian and author David Mitchell, sits down with historian Dan Snow to explore how England's monarchs, while act...

  • Eleanor of Aquitaine: England's Royal Matriarch

    Episode 3

    Eleanor of Aquitaine is at least as responsible for the vast empire of the Plantagenets as her more celebrated husband, Henry II. Sara Cockerill has written a wonderful biography of Eleanor, placing her back at the centre of English medieval history where she belongs. Sara and Dan discuss her lon...

  • In Search of the Great Viking Army

    Episode 4

    In 865 AD, England was invaded by the Great Heathen Army. The Great Viking Army, as it was also known, was made up of a coalition of Scandinavian warriors mainly from Denmark and, legend has it, four of the five sons of Ragnar Lothbrok, including Halfdan Ragnarsson, Ivar the Boneless, Bjorn Irone...

  • Henry VIII: Statesman or Tyrant?

    Episode 5

    On Midsummer's Day in 1509 a 17 year old was crowned king of England. He would go on to transform his realm over almost four decades on the throne. He would revolutionise its religion, reforge its politics and its relations with neighbouring countries, and establish a royal navy. But, by the time...

  • The Battle of St Albans

    Episode 6

    The War Of The Roses was a notorious and prolonged civil war between the two dominant houses of medieval England: House York and House Lancaster. On the 565th anniversary of the Battle of St Albans, today Dan is joined by historian and author Matt Lewis to discuss how this battle, and the resulti...

  • Henry's Forts: Castles on the Coast

    Episode 7

    On the 26 February 2021, around 38 metres of wall collapsed at Hurst Castle, one of a series of vital coastal forts built by Henry VIII in the 16th century to protect England from threat of invasion by the European powers. Recently, Dan went out on his kayak to assess the damage at the castle whi...

  • Redcliffe Caves

    Episode 8

    Redcliffe Caves are a series of man made tunnels beneath the Redcliffe area of Bristol, England. The Triassic red sandstone was dug into in the Middle ages to provide sand for glass making and pottery production. Further excavation took place from the 17th to early 19th centuries and used for sto...

  • Sir Joseph Banks: Pioneer of British Botany

    Episode 9

    ‘Dictator of British Botany’. ‘Autocrat of the Philosophers’. Sir Joseph Banks has been called many things over the past few centuries. A towering figure in the development of British botany and British natural history during the 18th century, he voyaged across the World with famous navigators su...

  • Treason

    Episode 10

    Treason is a word we all know, but how did treason law develop in England? Over the centuries, those linked with some of the most audacious attacks on the establishment have been branded traitors. If treason failed, it usually led to the most gruesome of death penalties. Some of those convicted w...

  • 1066: The Year of Conquest

    Episode 11

    1066 - one of the most famous years in English history. In a succession crisis like no other three warlords separated by hundreds of miles and savage seas vied for control of the English throne in a series of bloody battles. From Harald Hardrada's crowning victory at Fulford to the renowned Battl...

  • Britain's Wild West: Discovering Hay Castle

    Episode 12

    The peaceful South Wales town of Hay-on-Wye offers few clues today of its brutal past on a violent frontier. A monument to this history can be found in Hay Castle. Once right on the border between England and Wales, it sits in a region densely packed with castles that saw border skirmishes and bi...

  • Castles That Made Britain - Ludlow Castle

    Episode 13

    In episode two of our series ‘Castles that Made Britain’, we join Matt Lewis at his favourite fortress in the whole of Britain, Ludlow Castle. Built as a frontier fortress, Ludlow stands proud on what was the harsh wild western frontier between England and Wales. One of the first to be rebuilt in...

  • Castles That Made Britain - Conwy Castle

    Episode 14

    In the final episode of the first series of ‘The Castles that Made Britain’, Matt Lewis explores the fascinating history of Conwy Castle on the coast of North Wales.

    Towards the end of the turbulent and blood-soaked 13th century, King Edward I of England sought to impose his rule on the rest of ...

  • Castles That Made Britain - Bamburgh Castle

    Episode 15

    Castles have loomed over the landscape of Britain for centuries. They hold the keys to unlocking some of the greatest stories of our past.

    Join History Hit's medieval expert, Matt Lewis, in this new series as he explores some of Britain’s most iconic castles. It is a spectacular journey to some...

  • Real Fake History: The Alternate Battle of Bosworth

    Episode 16

    In this episode of Real Fake History, Dan Snow is joined by historians Matt Lewis, Nathen Amin, and Tracy Borman to discuss the hypothetical scenario: what if Richard III had won the Battle of Bosworth?

    On the 22nd of August 1485, the future of England was decided on the fields of Bosworth. Rich...

  • The Most Daring Escapes From The Tower of London

    Episode 17

    For more than 900 years, the Tower of London has occupied its place at the heart of English life. At various times a royal citadel, palace, menagerie, observatory, public records office, mint, arsenal and, even to this day, the home of the crown jewels of England, since 1100 it has famously serve...

  • Battle of Bosworth - Battlefield Detective

    Episode 18

    Matt Lewis travels to the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre in Leicestershire to meet Richard Mackinder, an archaeologist who has spent the last two decades scouring the earth around the site where King Richard III and Henry Tudor clashed in one of the most famous battles in English history.

  • Peasants' Revolt - Part One: Rise of the Rebels

    Episode 19

    The 14th Century is often called the worst century in the whole of British history - plague, war and famine! And amidst all this chaos, the first recorded act of public rebellion in English history sent revolutionary ripples across the entire medieval world. This uprising is remembered as the “Pe...

  • Peasants' Revolt - Part Two: London's Burning

    Episode 20

    In part two we investigate the fiery and frenetic days following 13th June 1381. With huge numbers of peasants having gathered around London... things were about to turn violent.

    We follow their footsteps as they cross London Bridge and enter the city. Destruction starts quickly as they begin t...

  • Peasants' Revolt - Part Three: A Deadly Legacy

    Episode 21

    Most stories about the Peasant’s Revolt end with the violent death of Wat Tyler, but there is so much more to this story than the attack on London. In our final episode Matt travels to East Anglia to explore newly uncovered sources that can tell us so much more about the vicious events that happe...

  • Sir Thomas More - Not Just the Tudors... Lates

    Episode 22

    How far would you go to save your immortal soul?’

    This is the question that plagued Tudor High Chancellor, Sir Thomas More. Lawyer, philosophiser, and advisor to Henry VIII, when the court turned on its head at the arrival of Anne Boleyn. Hounded by prolific characters like Thomas Cromwell, his ...

  • Becoming Anne Boleyn

    Episode 23

    March 2022 marks the 500th anniversary since Anne Boleyn made her debut at the court of King Henry VIII.

    Prof. Suzannah Lipscomb investigates the story of Anne’s remarkable upbringing in England, the Netherlands and France before she arrived at the heart of Tudor England. For all Anne Boleyn’s...

  • A Tudor Wonder - Hardwick Hall - with Prof. Suzannah Lipscomb

    Episode 24

    A History Hit treat for the holidays, this special new film reveals an extraordinary Tudor life-story and an amazing creation. We meet the extraordinary Bess of Hardwick and go inside the incredible home she built, a spectacular construction in glass and stone that defined the elegance and grande...