Endurance22: The Podcast Collection

Endurance22: The Podcast Collection

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Endurance22: The Podcast Collection
  • 🎧 ENDURANCE22: Searching for the Shipwreck

    Episode 1

    The search for the wreck of the sunken Endurance is well underway. Find out more about the submersibles, equipped with 4k cameras that can scan the seafloor hundreds of metres into the darkness and hear from the stellar crew and ice pilots who are responsible for keeping everyone on board safe in...

  • 🎧 ENDURANCE22: Arrival in Antarctica

    Episode 2

    Icebergs, albatrosses and growlers- the team have crossed the Antarctic circle! In the first of our episodes recorded from Antarctica, Dan takes you on a tour of the ship and brings you updates with expedition lead John Shears and marine archeologist Mensun Bound. Hear how the crew are passing th...

  • Endurance22: The Search for Shackleton's Shipwreck Trailer

    Episode 3

    Have you heard? History Hit is going to the Antarctic!

    Dan is joining an incredible expedition to locate the missing shipwreck of Ernest Shackleton’s vessel that was crushed by the ice and sank during his 1914 attempt to cross Antarctica. If they find the Endurance, it'll be the greatest underwa...

  • 🎧 ENDURANCE22: Dan Sets Sail for Antarctica!

    Episode 4

    The expedition has begun and Dan is here to answer your questions about all things Endurance22, the expedition to find Shackleton’s lost shipwreck! For the first time, Dan is the subject of his own podcast as he’s interviewed by History Hit’s producer Mariana Des Forges about all things Endurance...

  • 🎧 ENDURANCE22: The Man Who Filmed the Expedition

    Episode 5

    The extraordinary story of Shackleton's doomed Trans-Antarctic expedition has captured audiences for over 100 years. It's not just because it's a dramatic tale of survival, but because there's visual evidence of it. Some of the greatest moments of history in the last century are etched into our m...

  • 🎧 ENDURANCE22: Onto the Ice

    Episode 6

    On today's episode, Dan takes the podcast out onto the Antarctic ice to find penguins, seals and the expedition scientists conducting experiments. He joins Dr Stefanie Arndt of the Alfred Wegener Institute as she researches climate change in the Weddell Sea's ice. Dan catches her just as she disc...

  • 🎧 Endurance22: Shackleton's Lost Ship Discovered!

    Episode 7

    Ernest Shackleton's famous shipwreck the Endurance has been found! This is the exclusive behind the scenes story of how the international crew of the Endurance22 expedition made the discovery of a lifetime.

    Having not been seen since it was crushed by the Antarctic pack ice in 1915, the Enduranc...

  • 🎧 ENDURANCE22: Questions & Reflections

    Episode 8

    To mark the end of a truly epic journey, Dan wanted to hear from you -the listeners- those that have dedicatedly followed the story of Endurance22. Find out the answers to your questions as Dan responds candidly to the things that you all wanted to know.

    In the concluding episode of the Enduranc...