Endurance22: The Podcast Collection

Endurance22: The Podcast Collection

5 Seasons

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Endurance22: The Podcast Collection
  • 🎧 ENDURANCE22: Dan's Diary #01

    Episode 1

    A little update from Dan on where he is and how the journey to Antarctica is going!

  • 🎧 ENDURANCE22: Dan's Diary #02

    Episode 2

    Dan gives a quick update on the expedition's progress towards Antarctica from a rather wet and windy deck as the crew prepare for a storm to hit


    Episode 3

    The Endurance22 crew have made it to the Weddell Sea and the point where they believe Shackleton’s ship sunk! It’s a rocky start as they begin the search using the AUV drones that scan the seafloor

  • 🎧 ENDURANCE22: Dan's Diary #04

    Episode 4

    Dan updates us from Antarctica about whether the SS Agulhas II has managed to break free from the ice that had surrounded it.