Endurance Collection

Endurance Collection

3 Seasons

On 5 March 2022, the lost ship Endurance was rediscovered by the search team Endurance22. Dan Snow accompanied the scientists, archaeologists and sailors on board S. A. Agulhas II as they narrowed in on the wreck of Sir Ernest Shackleton's exploration ship, nearly 107 years after she sank.

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Endurance Collection
  • Journey To The Antarctic Episode 1- Preparing For Our Antarctic Expedition

    Episode 1

    Our first Endurance 22 'Journey to the Antarctic' episode covers the team making preparations for the voyage in Cape Town. Dan Snow takes us on a tour of the modern ice breaker vessel SA Agulhas II, showing us how state-of-the-art technology aboard will help us locate the shipwreck in any conditi...

  • Journey To The Antarctic Episode 2- Voyage Across the Southern Ocean

    Episode 2

    The second video of our 'Journey to the Antarctic' series covers the journey to Antarctica across the notoriously dangerous Southern Ocean. The SA Agulhas II is battered by powerful waves despite the expedition's attempts to avoid large storms. Dan Snow reflects on how several members of the crew...

  • Journey To The Antarctic Episode 3- The Search For The Shipwreck Begins

    Episode 3

    The third video of our Ednurance 22 'Journey to the Antarctic' series covers the arrival in Antarctica and the first launch of the AUV from the SA Agulhas II. With the search for the Endurance shipwreck underway, the expedition was thrown a challenge that Shackleton and his crew would've recognis...