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Eleanor Janega

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Documentaries presented by and featuring Eleanor Janega.

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Eleanor Janega
  • Exploring the Medieval Afterlife with Eleanor Janega

    Episode 1

    Ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night! Dr Eleanor Janega delves into the medieval phantasmic to find out what their restless dead can tell us about the worries of the living. Because if we want to understand what makes another society tick, it helps to take a look at what makes them...

  • Life and Death in Medieval London

    Episode 2

    Medieval historian Dr Eleanor Janega takes us on a whistle-stop tour across London, visiting some key historical sites and shining a light on the various communities of medieval London.

  • Working (more than) 9 to 5 - The Labouring Lives of Medieval Women

    Episode 3

    Dr Eleanor Janega investigates one of the least recorded aspects of medieval life - working women. But dig deep and you can find the evidence - proving the medieval period is a fascinating window into the true history of women…and work!

    Eleanor takes on the jobs and businesses of real medieval ...

  • Unpacking the Myths of King Arthur with Eleanor Janega

    Episode 4

    King Arthur. Merlin. The Knights of the Round Table and the Sword in the Stone. We think we know these stories but they've changed a lot since they were first told...

    In this episode of History Hit's After Dark podcast, Maddy and Anthony are joined by Dr. Eleanor Janega, host of the Gone Mediev...

  • The 7 Deadly Sins with Eleanor Janega

    Episode 5

    January, time to purge ourselves of the excesses of the holidays! Medievalist Eleanor Janega takes a deep historical dive into the 7 Deadly Sins. When did they begin, what's the worst sin, and should we be so anxious about our vices? And who decided what was evil anyway? Joined by Dr Rachel Sto...

  • The Medieval Dancing Plague with Eleanor Janega

    Episode 6

    When people think of Medieval diseases, hysterical dancing is not usually what first comes to mind. Yet in 14th and 15th century Germany, dozens of ordinary people claimed to be infected by the ‘dancing plague’. What was this mysterious phenomenon? What caused it? And was it even a real disease?

  • The Suprising Truth About Beauty Standards in the Middle Ages

    Episode 7

    What made you attractive in the Middle Ages? In this filmed episode of the History Hit podcast Betwixt the Sheets, Dr Kate Lister interviews medieval historian Eleanor Janega about medieval beauty standards, hygiene and the perspectives of women throughout the Middle Ages.

    You can listen to Kat...

  • How To Make Friends and Influence People In Medieval Europe

    Episode 8

    From grand castles & cathedrals to glowing sonnets and well chosen marriages, Dan is joined by Dr Eleanor Janega to find out how one might get ahead in Medieval Europe.