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🎧 Women and Power in Ancient Egypt

Discover Ancient Egypt • 1h 10m

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    In the 8th and 7th centuries BC, Ancient Egypt was ruled by an extraordinary ruling dynasty. This was the 25th Dynasty, also known as the Nubian Dynasty because of their Kushite routes. The Nubian Dynasty were sure to remember their southern routes. They maintained their Nubian identity, with one...

  • 🎧 How Ancient Egypt Stayed Egyptian

    The length of time between the rule of Cleopatra and the erection of the Pyramids is the same as that between now and the birth of Jesus Christ. With that in mind, it is perhaps no surprise that some periods of Ancient Egypt fall beneath the radar. The Late Period of Ancient Egypt, however, is no...

  • 🎧 Hatshepsut: Egypt's Hidden Pharaoh

    Hatshepsut – whose name means β€œforemost of noblewomen” – was an exceptional figure in the history of Ancient Egypt. Only the second woman in history to assume the title of pharaoh, during her reign she oversaw the building of monumental temples, established trade connections with far away African...