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Watch this video and more on History Hit

🎧 1. Story of England: Stone Age to Roman Days

🎧 Dan Snow's History Hit • 49m

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  • 🎧 The Lumberjills

    The Second World War placed a tremendous strain on Britain's natural resources. One of the most important materials for fuelling the war effort was wood - used to make everything from ammunition boxes to Spitfires, Britain's timber would be harvested at an unprecedented rate during the war. It wa...

  • 🎧 Henri Christophe: The King of Haiti

    In the summer of 1791, thousands of enslaved people in Saint Domingue, as Haiti was then known, cast aside their shackles and revolted against French colonial rule. The Haitian Revolution lasted for over a decade, and Haiti became the first independent country to be founded by former enslaved peo...

  • 🎧 Dan Explains: The Dambusters, Part 2

    On the night of the 16th May, 1943, Operation Chastise commenced - 133 RAF airmen in their iconic Lancaster bombers took off from England, bound for Germany. Armed with specially designed 'bouncing bombs', the highly trained crews were tasked with destroying key installations in Germany's industr...

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