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🎧 A Short History of Blindness

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  • 🎧 4. Napoleon: the Myth

    Napoleon has become more than a man. His name is a concept, a way of being, a psychological term- the 'Napoleon' complex. Napoleon began working on his legacy during his exile on St Helena in the last years of his life, his journal- memoir 'The Memorial of Saint Helena' was Napoleon's own persona...

  • 🎧 3. Napoleon: The Lover

    CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains discussions about sex which may not be suitable for children.

    Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the few commanders in history to be known for his capacity as a fierce fighter and a passionate lover. His romance with JosΓ©phine de Beauharnais is one of the greates...

  • 🎧 2. Napoleon: The Commander

    During the Napoleonic Wars, 18th-century leaders in Europe quickly decided the best way to beat Napoleon Bonaparte was to retreat and not meet him on the battlefield at all. He was head and shoulders above the other commanders of the day. So why did it go so spectacularly wrong for him at Waterlo...