British Museum Special: The Silk Roads

British Museum Special: The Silk Roads

5 Episodes

In collaboration with the British Museum and Peter Frankopan, History Hit Live present a study day of talks designed around deepening understanding of the Silk Roads. Watch the talks by British Museum curators and leading academics in full here.

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British Museum Special: The Silk Roads
  • South Asia Through The Ages: The Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery

    Episode 1

    British Museum curator Richard Blurton provides History Hit viewers a tour of some of the remarkable artefacts that make up the South Asian exhibition, on display at the Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery.

  • The Silk Roads: Changing Perspectives

    Episode 2

    Professor Michael Scott talks about the changing perceptions of goods and peoples on the early Silk Road.

  • The Silk Roads: Trade and Movement

    Episode 3

    British Museum Curator St John Simpson talks about the Sasanian empire, the Silk Road and new archaeological evidence for trade and movement across the frontiers of Late Antiquity.

  • The Silk Roads: Ideas and Religion

    Episode 4

    Frances Wood, SOAS Research Associate gives a talk on the importance of the Silk Roads in the movement of ideas and religions across Central Asia, from Buddhism to Nestorian Christianity.

  • The Silk Roads: Buddhist Art

    Episode 5

    British Museum Curator Yu-Ping Luk talks about Buddhist art along the Silk Roads with a focus on the British Museum's Dunhuang and Xinjiang collections.