British Museum Special: The Silk Roads

British Museum Special: The Silk Roads

5 Episodes

In collaboration with the British Museum and Peter Frankopan, History Hit Live present a study day of talks designed around deepening understanding of the Silk Roads. Watch the talks by British Museum curators and leading academics in full here.

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British Museum Special: The Silk Roads
  • South Asia Through The Ages: The Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery

    British Museum curator Richard Blurton provides History Hit viewers a tour of some of the remarkable artefacts that make up the South Asian exhibition, on display at the Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery.

  • The Silk Roads: Changing Perspectives

    Professor Michael Scott talks about the changing perceptions of goods and peoples on the early Silk Road.

  • The Silk Roads: Trade and Movement

    British Museum Curator St John Simpson talks about the Sasanian empire, the Silk Road and new archaeological evidence for trade and movement across the frontiers of Late Antiquity.

  • The Silk Roads: Ideas and Religion

    Frances Wood, SOAS Research Associate gives a talk on the importance of the Silk Roads in the movement of ideas and religions across Central Asia, from Buddhism to Nestorian Christianity.

  • The Silk Roads: Buddhist Art

    British Museum Curator Yu-Ping Luk talks about Buddhist art along the Silk Roads with a focus on the British Museum's Dunhuang and Xinjiang collections.