Bismarck: The Definitive Account

Bismarck: The Definitive Account

2 Episodes

A definitive account of the hunt for and sinking of the flagship of the German Kriegsmarine, Bismarck. Featuring Andrew Choong, curator at the National Maritime Museum, naval historian Nick Hewitt and Angus Konstam, author of 'Hunt the Bismarck'. Presented by Dan Snow.

Bismarck: The Definitive Account
  • Hunt the Bismarck

    Episode 1

    Launched on 14 February 1939, the German flagship and pride of the Kriegsmarine, Bismarck was launched. In the darkness of the early morning of the 19 May 1941, Bismarck slipped out of harbour on the Baltic coast and started making its way through the Baltic Sea on its maiden voyage, Operation Rh...

  • Sink the Bismarck

    Episode 2

    After the devastating loss of HMS Hood, the Royal Navy became solely focused on one objective, sinking the Bismarck. The flagship of the German Kriegsmarine had not survived completely unscathed from the initial exchange with the Hood and HMS Prince of Wales. It had suffered one blow. A shell had...