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Watch this video and more on History Hit

Up Next in 🎧 Betwixt the Sheets

  • 🎧 Medicine & Misogyny

    Using leeches to suck the blood from patients, mercury pills, and removing limbs with NO anaesthetic - healthcare throughout history hasn’t been the most…appealing.
    But have you ever thought about the difference in how men and women were treated?
    From witch trials to hysteria to wandering wombs, ...

  • 🎧 Royal Sex

    Why did kings and queens have spectators on their wedding night? Was sex always just for the love of their country and the want of an heir, or were some of them into different kinks?

    And what about outside marriage? From an official mistress who does not have sex with the king, to one who put la...

  • 🎧 Sex Toys

    Hidden in bedside tables or proudly displayed on mantelpieces, wherever you keep them (if you do), sex toys have come a long way since the first phallic-shaped object was found around 30,000 years ago.

    But before they were arriving through our post boxes in unmarked, tracked packages, what did s...

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