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Watch this video and more on History Hit

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  • 🎧 Shakespeare's Sex Life

    The Bard’s work featured many references to sex and sexuality - some more obvious than others. But what does the work reveal about the sexuality of Shakespeare himself? 

    Despite being married with three kids to Anne Hathaway in the sleepy suburbs of Stratford-upon-Avon, there’s much to suggest h...

  • 🎧 Anne Lister: The First Modern Lesbian?

    t’s a rare thing to hear first hand the experiences of marginalised people in history. So often their voices are silenced, and their histories erased. 

    Which is why Anne Lister’s diaries, which tell us in intimate details what it was like to be a proud lesbian in 19th century Yorkshire, are such...

  • 🎧 Victorian Pregnancy & Childbirth: T...

    Why did Victorian doctors recommend women to lie still in solitary confinement for days after giving birth? What was the 'sit up and cough' method of contraception? (Please note, not the most reliable). And what was the level of infant mortality in the 19th century?

    Today Kate is Betwixt the She...