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Battle Honours

Battle Honours: Red Devils


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  • Battle Honours: Desert Rats

    During the Second World War, a British Unit won fame as pioneers of armoured warfare. They were one of Churchill's favoured divisions, who tackled Hitler's most feared commanders and his worst war machines... at great cost.

    Fighting all the way from the baking sands of the desert, to the hedger...

  • Battle Honours: US Army Rangers

    Throughout World War Two, one unit came to define elite military excellence in the American Army. Superb warriors, pushed to the limits in the most difficult missions ever conceived. From assaulting African beaches, to clearing the mountains of Italy and scaling French cliffs, they were the US Ar...

  • Battle Honours: Mighty Eighth

    In the deadly skies over war torn Europe, one unit led America's fight with Hitler. Daring aerial warriors who sacrificed all to destroy the Nazi war machine. Relentlessly attacking deep into the heart of the Reich, no matter the odds or cost. They were the 8th US Army Airforce - the Mighty Eighth.