Anne Boleyn Collection

Anne Boleyn Collection

Collection featuring documentaries about Anne Boleyn.

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Anne Boleyn Collection
  • Becoming Anne Boleyn

    March 2022 marks the 500th anniversary since Anne Boleyn made her debut at the court of King Henry VIII.

    Prof. Suzannah Lipscomb investigates the story of Anne’s remarkable upbringing in England, the Netherlands and France before she arrived at the heart of Tudor England. For all Anne Boleyn’s...

  • Anne Boleyn and Katherine of Aragon - Brilliant Rivals

    Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn - the first two wives of Henry VIII - are so often portrayed as opposites. Katherine as the loyal, scorned wife - Anne as the bright, bewitching upstart.

    But now Prof. Suzannah Lipscomb returns to Hever Castle to explore what Anne and Katherine were really l...

  • The Secrets Of Hever Castle: Home Of Anne Boleyn

    Hever Castle is one of the most remarkable historic houses in Britain.
    It’s got 700 years of turbulent history, marked by glitz and glamour as
    well as decline and fall. In this video, History Hit presenter Alice Loxton gives you a whirlwind tour of the castle and shows you some of her favourite b...

  • The Real Story Behind Anne Boleyn's Ghost

    Get ready for carriages pulled by headless horses, spooky palaces, a weird floating cylinder thing...and a single moment in history that has haunted England, and now Britain's, imagination for hundreds of years.

    In this episode of After Dark, Anthony and Maddy talk the ghost of Anne Boleyn, Quee...

  • Hans Holbein the Younger: Painting the Tudor Court

    In this fascinating documentary, historian Dr Nicola Tallis and author Franny Moyle dissect and unravel the meaning behind the famous paintings of the Tudor Court depicted by the renowned artist, Hans Holbein the Younger.

    Born in Ausburg in 1497, Holbein worked as a painter and printmaker in Ba...

  • A Tudor Discovery - Thomas Cromwell’s Prayer Book

    History Hit digs deep into a fascinating new discovery that has grabbed the attention of historians across the world.

    Prof. Suzannah Lipscomb explores what is being called the most exciting Tudor find ‘in a generation’ as curators at Hever Castle identify a bejewelled, gilded prayer book, tuc...

  • Sir Thomas More - Not Just the Tudors... Lates

    How far would you go to save your immortal soul?’

    This is the question that plagued Tudor High Chancellor, Sir Thomas More. Lawyer, philosophiser, and advisor to Henry VIII, when the court turned on its head at the arrival of Anne Boleyn. Hounded by prolific characters like Thomas Cromwell, his ...

  • The Road to the Crown - Elizabeth I's Coronation Procession

    On January 14th 1559 one of the most extraordinary royal parades of Tudor England made its way through the heart of London. It was the Coronation Procession of Queen Elizabeth I.

    In this special History Hit film, made to coincide with the coronation of King Charles III, royal historian Tracy B...

  • Mary Tudor - Real Fake History

    On November 17th 1558, Mary Tudor, Queen Mary I of England, died - the end of a short and still controversial reign. But what if history had been different, what if she didn’t die in 1558, but lived longer to reimpose Roman Catholicism on England and forge a long lasting Anglo-Spanish alliance?