American Revolution

American Revolution

5 Episodes

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American Revolution
  • George Washington: The First Battle

    Episode 1

    Dan Snow goes to Pittsburgh to explore the extraordinary story of how an over-ambitious young George Washington fought for the British and helped to fire the shots that started the Seven Years War, the world’s first global conflict.

  • American Revolution - The Boston Tea Party

    Episode 2

    250 years ago, on December 16th 1773, an event happened that shocked an Empire and fired the starting pistol for the American Revolution. At the time it was known simply as the Destruction of the Tea, an act that shook the world from Bengal to Britain to Boston.

    In this specially made film to ma...

  • American Revolution - Commemorating the Fallen of the Battle of Camden, 1780

    Episode 3

    History Hit has been up close to a remarkable story from the American War of Independence, exploring the history and attending the commemorations for the dead of the bloody battle of Camden, 1780.

    Travelling to South Carolina for this special film, Dan Snow investigates some exceptional histo...

  • The Battle for North America

    Episode 4

    On 13 September 1759, on the Plains of Abraham near the city of Quebec, an outnumbered British army fought a battle that would change the history of the world: the Battle of Quebec. For the past three years, Britain and France were locked in a bitter struggle for dominance in the Seven Years War:...

  • History Through Statues: The Early American Republic and the War of 1812

    Episode 5

    In the second talk of a three part series, Steven Bishop will pick up where we left off last time at the Declaration of Independence to examine the first decades of the newly formed United States. How did George Washington rise to become the first President and a national hero? How were the Bill ...