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Watch this video and more on History Hit

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  • 🎧 The Fall of J. Edgar Hoover

    From 1956 to 1971, J. Edgar Hoover ran COINTELPRO (Counterintelligence Program).
    A series of covert and illegal FBI operations aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting left wing political organisations in America. The leaders of pro-civil rights, anti-Vietnam war and pro-...

  • 🎧 The Rise of J. Edgar Hoover

    J. Edgar Hoover was the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 48 years. He grew the agency from a small, obscure operation to one that employed thousands of agents, investigating everything from kidnapping and bank robberies to political subversion and international espionage. Bever...

  • 🎧 Ellis Island

    From the 1880s to the 1920s the United States experienced a huge wave of immigration. People fleeing poverty and political instability in Europe, plus a huge demand for labour in the US, meant record numbers of people came to America. Most arrived by ship and were processed on Ellis Island, in Ne...

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