4 Episodes

Take a fresh look at classic classroom history with our triple-bill of programmes exploring the turbulent events of 1066.

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  • Conquest 1066: Told By the Teacher You Wish You'd Had

    Episode 1

    If you went to school in the UK, chances are you spent hours of class time learning about 1066. Whether they're fond memories or times you'd rather forget, revisit the Norman Conquest with us now. Enjoy an entertaining lesson, featuring exciting reconstructions, with Martyn Whittock, the teacher ...

  • Conquest: From Hereward the Wake to Brexit

    Episode 2

    Laurence Brockliss talks to us about the Norman Conquest and how the events of 1066 impacted on Britain's EU referendum. Discussing Hereward the Wake and his resistance to the Normans, what can we learn about the flow of modern politics from the actions of this rogue?

  • Conquest: The Kids' View

    Episode 3

    Schoolchildren Beth and Ned give us a masterclass in the events of 1066. Why did the battle last so long? Why were Harold's army so tired? Why could William's victory be put down to luck? And why should we still care today?

  • Battle of Hastings: The English Camp

    Episode 4

    Dan Snow visits the Saxon camp at the Battle of Hastings reenactment where the Anglo Saxons are preparing for battle.